PSNC @arselectronica agenda

Deep Space 8K

6 Sep 2019, 10:00-11:00
• 8K Live performance from Poznan

5-9 Sep 2019 - Immersify 8K Screening
• Poznan Cathedral 3D
• Immersive Minimalism

throughout the entire festival

• Immersify project stand
• Immersive Ambisonic Audio installation

Welcome to our labs

At PSNC, we actively develop various laboratories focused on new media, visualisation and interaction, sound & image analysis and many more areas. We are active in international research projects, but wherever there is a need to use ICT, we are ready to design and implement new solutions for business and social innovation.

Be open to contact us - let's start cooperation now!

About PSNC

Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC), affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, was established in 1993 in order to build and develop IT infrastructure for science in Poland.

Our activity covers numerous areas of interest e.g. advanced networks, HPC solutions, digital libraries, medicine, education, smart cities, but also next generation media as well as supporting art & science networking.

Cooperation with artists

PSNC is always happy to support scientists and artists in their most ambitious projects, offering our extensive resources, equipment, technology and expertise. For many years, we support cultural institutions through joint events, cooperating with theaters, the Poznań Opera, media art performers, musicians and many individual artists.

We are open to collaborative projects, artistic residences, which will introduce new visual technologies to the world of art & science.


Poznan Supercomputing
and Networking Center

ul. Jana Pawła II 10
61-139 Poznań

phone: (+48 61) 858-21-31

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Visual technologies

PSNC has a wide range of visualization laboratories that can be used in collaboration with artists. We have 8K technology, slow-motion, 3D, 360 cameras, 8K visualization and processing devices, CAVE visualisation systems, motion-capture, laser scanners, ambisonic sound laboratory, drones, etc.

Our software developers and electronic designers can work on custom solutions for visualisation, controlling and processing.

Ambisonic sound

Loudspeaker-independent way of representing spatial sound. This is made possible by a special B-format, in which sound is not represented as set of independent channels, but as an interpretation of the sound field.

PSNC constructed advanced multi-speaker sound installation and integrated surround sound with VR technology. This allows to experiment with new media and VR. This installation consists of 24 loudspeakers arranged in three different levels and enables real 3D sound representation in combination to VR video.


The Anomalia band consist of 7 people creating unique musical space and sounds. All of them are students or alumni from I. J. Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań. At their concerts one can experience collective improvisations, rememberable melodies and solo performance. Genuine fusion of four wind instruments and a rhythm section results in extraordinary sound of the ensemble.

PSNC team and Anomalia recorded ambisonic and multichannel sound during special VR and 8K recording session at the PSNC laboratories in February 2019.

Ambisonic demo credits

PSNC: Maciej Głowiak, Bartłomiej Idzikowski, Maciej Jaśkiewicz, Leszek Nowak, Wojciech Raszewski, Jan Skorupa, Eryk Skotarczak
Anomalia: Stanisław Aleksandrowicz – percussion, Piotr Cienkowski - double bass, Kacper Krupa - tenor saxophone, Adam Kurek – trombone, Krzysztof Kuśmierek - soprano saxophone, Patryk Rynkiewicz – trumpet, Fryderyk Szulgit – guitar
Noise & Structure String Quintet: Marta Kaca – conductor, Małgorzata Namiot – cello, Julia Polowczyk – viola, Zuzanna Remiorz – violin, Kasia Stróżyk – violin, Filip Szymański – double bass
Luxtorpeda rock band: Robert 'Litza' Friedrich – vocals, guitar, Robert 'Drężmak' Drężek – guitar, Przemysław 'Hans' Frencel – vocals, Krzysztof 'Kmieta' Kmiecik – bass, Tomasz 'Krzyżyk' Krzyżaniak – drums


Luxtorpeda was founded in Poznan in 2010 by a charismatic leader Robert 'Litza' Friedrich and now is one of the most popular Polish rock bands. In 2011 they released their debut album; since that time they've released another 3 albums and the band has been awarded many times in Poland and abroad.

Luxtorpeda is also interested in new means of expression through technology. The VR and ambisonics audio session was recorded by PSNC during Luxfest concert in July 2019. The most interesting effects of spatial sound were achieved during the singing of songs by the audience.

Noise & Structure

The Noise and Structure is a contemporary music piece for string quintet, and multi-channel electronics performed live. The music is an attempt to capture the organic sound and is realized by a reference to the spectral music. By using multi-channel electronics and live processing, it gives the possibility to enlarge every little sound event to give the listener the imagination to be inside the sound.

The Noise and Structure was recorded in July 2019 at the roof top of PSNC building. The sound was captured through a multiple microphones and mixed into ambisonics.


Research project developing cutting edge tools for the next generation of immersive media such as 8K, VR/360 and 3D. The consortium focuses on:

- improving the quality of immersive media using advanced compression technology;

- enabling immersive media for multiple display environments and multiple devices;

- new ways in interactive experiences and non-linear storytelling;

- experimental content creation and real-life demonstrations.

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8K Screening

Experiments with ultra-modern visual technologies require the creation of audiovisual materials, which will also be a test for the solutions used: equipment, codecs, transmission systems. PSNC has a special studio where unique productions are created for the needs of next generation media projects.

High-quality panoramas of the Karkonosze mountains, the interiors of the Poznań Palm House, exclusive cars taken with the use of a special mobile cam on the Poznań race track. Some of these materials can be seen during the projection at Deep Space.

8K Poznań live streaming

During the show (6/9/2019, 10:00 am) in Deep Space, the accordionist and the dancer will perform remotely from PSNC (Poznan, PL). The dancer processes and generates sound using Myo bands and the multichannel audio will be also sent live to the 5.1 sound installation at Deep Space. The 8K video will be encoded into HEVC codec using nVidia GPUs. The video stream, which takes 200 mbit/s, will be transmitted over normal Internet using SRT protocol with a low latency of about 2 seconds.

The demonstration is organised in scope of the Immersify project by PSNC with support from Ars Electronica.

8K Poznań live credits


Przemysław Degórski - accordion, Anna Kamińska - dance

PSNC team:

Maciej Głowiak, Maciej Jaśkiewicz, Magdalena Madaj, Szymon Malewski, Damian Niemir, Leszek Nowak, Wojciech Raszewski, Paweł Rybarczyk, Jan Skorupa, Eryk Skotarczak, Maciej Stróżyk, Mikołaj Węgrzynowski

Ars Electronica Futurelab:

Roland Haring, Anna Kuthan, Ali Nikrang

STARTS residencies

PSNC is open for collaboration with artists. As part of the European STARTS initiative, PSNC hosts a German artist Theresa Schubert who, with the support from 8K New Media laboratory equipment and engineers, is implementing her artistic project called “Immersive Minimalism” within a residency funded by STARTS VERTIGO.

Demonstrations of the project's results will be available at presentations in Deep Space.

Cathedral 3D scanning

PSNC uses 3D laser scanner for scanning building and objects and generating high quality videos in 8K, 3D and VR/360. The last clip called "From the Inside" shows the Cathedral church in Poznan, PL. The scanning the interior of the church took 2 days, and the scanner has been positioned in 46 places - each scan takes about 10 minutes. The processing of the point cloud of 3 billion points in order to generate videos takes several days.

The effect can be seen at Deep Space 8K screenings of Immersify project.

PSNC @arselectronica