Fostering precision agriculture and livestock farming through secure access to large-scale hpc-enabled virtual industrial experimentation environment empowering

CYBELE generates innovations and creates added value in the field of agri-food, in particular its divisions in the subdomains of Precision Agriculture (PA) and Precision Livestock Farming (PLF), which showed real industrial cases that are to be supported, thus empowering to build efficiency in within the industrial and research community. As agriculture is an extensive venture with low operational efficiency, CYBELE aims to demonstrate how the convergence of HPC, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and IoT can revolutionize agriculture, reduce scarcity and increase food supply, bringing social, economic and environmental benefits.

The CYBELE project aims to ensure that stakeholders have integrated, direct access to a huge number of large datasets of various types from various sources. It is important for the parties to be able to generate value and draw conclusions, providing secure access to large-scale HPC infrastructures enabling discovery, processing, data linking, and visualization services, solving challenges modeled as mathematical algorithms requiring high computing power.

The project is implemented by a scientific and industrial consortium of 31 partners, including the Waterford Institute of Technology (project leader), Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Bull SA, CINECA Consorzio Interuniversitario, University of Stuttgart – High-Performance Computing Centre, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, and others.

Start date: 2019-01-01
End date: 2021-12-31
Role: Partner
Origin: Foreign project
Funding: H2020