Development of tools allowing to analyze technically sophisticated crime cases utilizing malware

The project aims to implement the MALWINA system (MALWare IN A box) able to
perform complex and efficient multifaceted analysis of large data sets describing the functioning of IT networks and systems in order to detect symptoms that may denote malware infection or an ongoing cyberattack. The solution will also be able to analyze different system artifacts in a virtualized sandbox. Machine learning methodologies and heuristic analysis mechanisms will be used, applying customized optimization and parametrization approaches. Before the production stage, the system will be evaluated first in the laboratory environment and then in operational conditions in the Polish einfrastructure for science. Additionally, an expert cooperation platform will be established for organizations exchanging information on malware attacks, and a database for storing knowledge on such attacks will be designed. The users of the systems will be provided with relevant trainings on how to use the provided toolset.

The project is implemented by a scientific and industrial consortium: Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry – Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (project leader) and ITTI Sp. z o.o. Company. The recipients of the product are Polish Police Headquarters.

Start date: 2019-07-09
End date: 2022-07-08
Role: Coordinator
Origin: National project
Funding: National project - development in the field of national defense and security