Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) was established by decision of the College of Rectors of the City of Poznan and affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan on 23rd October 1993.

The purpose of establishing PSNC was to coordinate the use of metropolitan network and supercomputers in Poznan by units represented in the College of Rectors of the City of Poznan. In the following years PSNC’s activity effectively led to the launch of a pilot national POL-34 network, and then to the creation of a programme to build a national network Polish Optical Internet within the PIONIER programme. Subsequent structural projects PLATON, NewMAN, MAN-HA and 100net provided funding for the development of the network at the national level and implementation of advanced services and applications for its users.

Starting from launching the first CRAY Y-MP EL supercomputer, PSNC has also been systematically developing high-performance computing services based on supercomputers, which for a total of 10 years have been present among 500 strongest supercomputers in the world. Thanks to that, since 2008, PSNC represents Poland in the PRACE consortium and Polish scientists have the possibility to use the strongest supercomputers in Europe. Launched in 2015, the Eagle supercomputer was continuously on the TOP-500 list and apart from using it for scientific calculations, it is the foundation of PSNC-Huawei Innovation Centre.

The development of competence and increase in the number of staff (in 2000 PSNC employed over 60 people, and in 2010 already over 200), as well as modern infrastructure, have allowed, since 2001, to effectively acquire projects in competitions of European Framework Programmes and national research programmes. To date, PSNC has implemented over 350 such projects.




Initiation of the “Aerosphere. Airport of Things” project – laboratories for unmanned aerial vehicles in Kąkolewo


IBCH PAS PSNS receives Crystal Brussels Prize for 20 years of scientific cooperation with the European Union


Obtaining the status of Digital Innovation Hub – HPC4Poland


Official launch of FutureLab – PSNC Future Laboratories Intelligent Space
Establishment of the PSNC-Huawei Innovation Center


CBPIO official opening
Orzeł/Eagle supercomputer ranks 79th on the TOP500 list


PRACE and PIONIER-LAB projects on the Polish Road Map of Research Infrastructure


Laying the foundation stone for the Polish Optical Internet Research Center (CBPIO)


Establishment of the NVIDIA CUDA Research Center


PSNC becomes Poland’s representative in the European PRACE consortium


Establishment of the Microsoft Innovation Center


Establishment of the PIONIER Consortium – launch of the PIONIER Network


Accession to the first EU projects under the 5th Framework Programme


Establishment of the Polish Optical Internet program and PIONIER Network pilot


Launch of the POL-34 Network


SGI Power Challenge XL ranks 468 on the TOP 500 list


The College of Rectors of the City of Poznan establishes the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center


The first supercomputer at PSNC – Cray Y-MP EL
Launch of the POZMAN Network – Poznań Metropolitan Area Network