PSNC is affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IBCH PAS)

The Director of IBCH PAS is dr hab. Luiza Handschuh.

Director’s Plenipotentiaries for PSNC

Director of PSNC (CEO)
Cezary Mazurek, Ph.D.

tel: (+48 61) 858-50-04

Deputy Director of PSNC (CTO)

Krzysztof Kurowski, Ph.D.

tel: (+48 61) 858-50-06

Deputy Director of PSNC

Robert Pękal, M.Sc.

tel: (+48 61) 858-21-30

Divisions Directors

Director of Network Technologies Division

Artur Binczewski, M.Sc.

tel: (+48 61) 858-21-10

Director of Data Processing Technologies Division

Norbert Meyer, Ph.D.

tel: (+48 61) 858-21-50

Director of Network Services Division

Robert Pękal, M.Sc.

tel: (+48 61) 858-21-30

Director of Applications Division

Tomasz Piontek, M.Sc.

tel: (+48 61) 858-50-72

Administration and Accounting

Head of the Administration and Finance Department

Arleta Rutkowska, M.Sc.

tel: (+48 61) 858-20-90

Deputy Chief Accountant for PSNC

Urszula Grygier-Soboń, M.Sc.

tel: (+48 61) 858-20-75