Development, implementation and security assessment of post-quantum pk algorithms. APQ

The goal of this project is the development and security evaluation of public-key cryptography for encryption, key exchange, and a digital signature that will be resistant to quantum cryptoanalysis (quantum-safe). The intensive development of quantum computer technology makes the cryptanalysis of the currently used public-key cryptosystem a reality. As part of the project, it is planned to analyze publicly available post-quantum algorithms and propose cryptosystems that implement the functionality of encryption, key exchange, and digital signature. The new algorithms will be analyzed in terms of the security level offered and implemented in the form of a Technology Demonstrator, which will be the reference implementation. An additional goal of the project is to demonstrate the cryptographic-agility paradigm in cryptographic-agility design.

Start date: 2022-12-20
End date: 2024-12-20
Role: Partner
Origin: National project
Funding: National project - NCBiR - defense