EOSC-Future is a project aiming at converging the various initiatives and projects in the development of EOSC that were established during few years. In essence – the project aims to demonstrate at the end of the project an operational EOSC Platform (‘System of Systems’) with an integrated execution environment consisting of data, professionally provided services, and open research products and infrastructure that will be accessed and used by the European researchers who will be engaged, facilitated, trained and supported to utilize the EOSC resources and solutions. The project will result in the further development of EOSC into several distinctive components: EOSC Core and EOSC Exchange as a technological backbone of EOSC Portal, as well as EOSC Interoperability framework which will serve as a major glue allowing the Open Science to be federated among the partners of the consortium. The project structure consists of the Technical part and Science Engagement part, and PSNC is involved in both parts. On the Technology part, PSNC work is concentrated on the AI enhancements of the EOSC portal for the users. In the Science Engagement part, PSNC will contribute extensive experience working with the commercial partners through the Digital Innovation Hub to foster the integration of the SME’s into the EOSC portal and the overall cultural environment of Open Science.

EOSC-Future consortium spans the entire landscape of pan-European scientific and technology development initiatives. The consortium is comprised of 36 partners, who can be roughly divided into several groups: technological partners, including PSNC, greek NREN GRNET, CYFRONET, and several institutes as well as several commercial partners, European e-infrastructures including GEANT, EGI, OpenAire, and others. The significant group of partners represents the scientific clusters and big pan-European projects dedicated to the particular research fields: CESSDA, CLARIN, EMBL/Elixir, LIFE WATCH, and others. The consortium is more than capable of delivery of the objectives set out in the project, and the appropriate measures to ensure the directional focus are implemented in the project management. GEANT and NRENs play a significant role in this project as key partners for implementation, also contributing significantly to the technological steer of the overall project.

Start date: 2021-04-01
End date: 2023-09-30
Role: Partner
Origin: Foreign project
Funding: H2020