OpenAgri — Where Inclusive Innovation Meets Agriculture!

The overall aim of the OpenAgri project is to democratise digital farming by enabling the development and deployment of innovative cost-effective energy-efficient OS software and open hardware-based Agricultural Digital Technologies (ADSs) that can operate at a high performance even in remote areas with weak connectivity. This will be achieved by a) ensuring the co-creation of ADSs by engaging farmers and farm advisors in participatory prototyping activities inspired by the makerspaces approach; and b) providing access to a number of reusable OS software services designed to support the edge and mixed computing mode, and a “sociotechnical infrastructure”.
Using a multi-actor approach, OpenAgri will involve farmers, ADSs providers, farm advisors and scientists in 14 Sustainable Innovation Pilots (SIPs) in ≥10 countries across Europe, and guide them in co-creating and piloting edge, cloud and mixed-model ADSs addressing important challenges of agricultural production. 5 SIPs have been pre-selected and 9 more will be awarded through an Open Call, enabling a dynamic response to a changing policy and technology landscape.
PSNC is leading the task related to Interoperability, data sharing & reuse, including the design of the OpenAgri Common Semantic Model (OCSM), solutions for data harmonisation and integration, and their connection with standard APIs. PSNC is also leading SIP4 – Arable/Sugar beet and Potatoes. The pilot will address the needs to perform efficient irrigation, reducing water use and regulating it to support growth and total yield, minimise diseases (due to excessive soil moisture). Important due to climate breakdown, as, in the Greater Poland region, there is less rain per year, less groundwater, signs of desertification and there are biodiversity issues.

Start date: 2024-01-01
End date: 2027-06-30
Role: Partner
Origin: Foreign project
Funding: Horizon Europe