PRACE-LAB2 - Cooperation in the field of advanced computing in Europe

The aim of the PRACE-LAB2 project, which is being applied for by a consortium of academic data centers, is to provide specialized computer architectures for applications related to large data volume analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications, as well as quantum calculation simulations. In the area of economy, development work focuses on providing modern container solutions in the cloud and new services, including HPCaaS (HPC as a Service). The overriding goal is to improve the position on European and world markets of the Polish economy by supporting and strengthening the development of innovative solutions in cooperation with the private sector, with particular emphasis on SMEs, with the scientific sector. The project’s overarching objectives will be possible thanks to the implementation of one of the main challenges of the Europe of Innovation Programme in terms of building the ERA (European Research Area), ESFRI Committee’s postulates concerning the integration of research infrastructure (IB) and ICT infrastructure and guidelines on the development of top-class new research infrastructures of Horizon 2020 Framework Programme. The hardware and software platform of the created Research Infrastructure will be built as part of the development works including 1. the HPC e-Infrastructure Laboratory 2. the Service Platforms Laboratory 3. the Next Generation Computing Services Laboratory 4. the Large Scale Data Analysis Laboratory

The project is implemented by a scientific and industrial consortium: Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (leader), AGH University of Science and Technology, National Center for Nuclear Research, Gdańsk University of Technology, Wrocław University of Technology and EIP S.A. Potential recipients are enterprises, also from the SME sector, central and local government administration as well as research units from universities, institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences and National Research Institutes.

Start date: 2020-07-01
End date: 2023-12-31
Role: Coordinator
Origin: National project
Funding: National project - structural/PO IR