Quantum Air Traffic Management

The goal of the QATM (Quantum Air Traffic Management) project is to obtain a quantum advantage in the form of obtainable real-time solutions based on algorithms and solve the problem of managing objects located in the airspace of our country. The innovation of the proposed solution includes:
– Enhancement of existing ATM systems using quantum algorithms, which could enable the development of variant-optimal plans/schedules in real time in response to dynamic changes in the airspace, taking into account all set parameters, constraints and potentially multiple criteria for evaluating the solution.
– Secure the solutions being developed under the project by using quantum communication technology, specifically Quantum Key Distribution, for the secure transmission of exchanged data.
– Key assumptions for building next-generation ATM systems using quantum technologies will be developed and verified.

Start date: 2021-06-01
End date: 2024-05-31
Role: Partner
Origin: National project
Funding: National project - NCBiR - SZAFIR