About Open Source in Grenoble

About Open Source in Grenoble
On 8th, 9th and 10th November in Grenoble the second edition of the academic fOSSa conference (Free Open Source Conference Academia) will be held. The three-day meeting will cover issues related to Open Source software as a factor influencing research and stimulating innovation of in-dustry. The conference will be attended by representatives of the PSNC.
The first edition of the Conference was to approach the matter of the Open Source model and its key issues. The second edition will focus on the use of Open Source software in specific areas, such as: research, innovation, education and public administration. Above mentioned software plays a key role in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), rapidly expanding field of its application.

Participants of the second edition of the conference will try to answer the essential questions: how does open source software work and how can we build its future, creating a common useful ecosys-tem, supported by academia, industry and citizens?

fOSSa 2010 will welcome various European decision makers and well-known free software organi-zations, such as Apache, Arduino, Debian, Gnome, Eclipse Foundation, Mozilla, Ubuntu, Engineer-ing Group, Fraunhofer Fokus, Irill, Plume, QualiPSo.

PSNC will be represented by Bartosz Lewandowski, who will present the use of Open Source components in the Multimedia City Guides – the official information service of the city of Poznan. As an example of existing services and plans for the future development, the presentation will show how MCG acts to become an open information-service platform under the Open Government model.