Art & Science Lab: welcome to the second edition

Art & Science Lab: welcome to the second edition

The main objective of the Art & Science project is to combine interdisciplinary practices: artistic, technological and scientific. We would like to invite you to the second edition of events organised in cooperation with the Foundation of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Pawilon (a branch of the Arsenal City Gallery) and PSNC Future Labs. The programme will address issues related to the use of immersive multimedia technologies, AI, interactivity or gaming in the creative and artistic process.

The series of events planned over the coming months will include workshops, podcasts and a technology and creative residency. The project is funded by the Centre for the Development of Creative Industries as part of the Creative Sectors Development Programme.

The following events are planned as part of the project:

– Science Lab
The workshop is aimed at people interested in AI-based image generation. The event will introduce participants to the theory and practice of image creation using artificial intelligence. The organisers will focus on exploring the ComfyUI tool, which is based on the open source stable diffusion model. The workshop will provide practical application of various image generation and control methods and integration with ‘plug-ins’ in the ComfyUI environment.

Leader: Maciej Waleszczyk, Marcin Wałęsa
When: 11.05 (additional open lecture), 18.05 and 25.05, starting at 12.00
Where: PSNC Future Labs, Zwierzyniecka 20 (2nd floor)

– Digital Lab
The workshop is aimed at people interested in sound, acoustic design and music, as well as those who create video games and new media art. The event will consist of 2 interrelated components. The first module will work on the creation of sound effects based on acoustic recordings, digital processing and sound synthesis elements controlled by motion sensors. The second module will be the implementation of these sounds in the Unreal Engine 5 environment and the creation of interaction scripts for them, controlling the spatial, physical and material relationships of the acoustic events. The sound work will be done in Ableton Live and Max/MSP.

Teachers: Aleksandra Słyż, Patryk Lichota
When: 19.05., 26.05., 09.06., 16.05., starting at 12 noon.
Place: PSNC Future Labs, Zwierzyniecka 20 (2nd floor)

– Media Lab
The workshop is aimed at people interested in media art, interaction and creative coding using Max/MSP and Touch Designer. During the workshop, together with the tutors, participants will create an interactive and networked audiovisual installation based on the use of generativity. The working environment will be the multimedia showroom of PSNC Future Labs, based on omnidirectional sound and image projection.

Moderators: Jan Skorupa, Paweł Sołoducha
When: 06-07 July (there will be an open lecture on 06 July), 13-14 July, starting at 12 noon.
Venue: PSNC Future Labs, Zwierzyniecka 20 (2nd floor).

Attendance is free, but registration is required.