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PSNC Security Team: Security tests of Web browsers

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center Security Team conducted a set of comparative tests of Web browsers, addressing resilience to attacks on SSL/TLS encrypted tunnels. Particular emphasis was put on if the browsers are able to detect those attacks at all and how the user is informed (including the users without specialized knowledge on IT issues).

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“Przekrój” magazine recommends dLibra

In the today’s issue of the “Przekrój” magazine (3/3369) you can find an article of Piotr Stanisławski titled “Narodziny e-książki” (“The Birth of the E-book”). It contains interesting introduction in the e-paper technology and presents positive and negative aspects of e-books. The article is also enriched with quotations of representatives of several large Polish publishers, referring to the future of e-books in Poland.

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