VOXBOX: platform developed for the furniture brand

VOXBOX: platform developed for the furniture brand

PSNC created an application for the VOX furniture brand that integrates numerous tools for modern remote customer service. Nowadays, in the era of coronavirus epidemics and restrictions associated with the virus, this application becomes very popular.

The Polish manufacturer of interior furnishings has launched a Virtual Salon, thanks to which, without leaving home, you can not only safely “walk” around the store, get specialist advice, make the necessary measurements but also buy everything you need for your house, apartment or office. The application was presented in March last year at the international fair Meble Polska.

The methodology to model real furniture in the virtual world has been developed at PSNC especially for VOXBOX. The main goal was to provide high-quality visualization and the best representation of the interior in the virtual world. For this purpose, the ray tracing technique was integrated. The VOXBOX version used in the showrooms allows you to show the impact of sunlight on the arranged interior – in real time and from different directions, without the need to wait for the photo to be taken. However, the browser version uses modern visualization technology. It allows you to get high image quality without the need for an efficient computer.

PSNC is also responsible for other elements, such as creating photorealistic 3D models, VR module, allowing virtual walks around the arranged apartment, or for integration with a complex sales system. An additional challenge is the implementaion of the system in dozens of other countries as far as the technical, linguistic and currency aspects are concerned. Thanks to the demanding VOX partnership,the main challenge of the project was the photorealistic image quality, which was a key determinant. There was no room for compromise. New tools and concepts are being developed together with VOX to be used in platform development. Currently, in addition to the optimization of existing functions, the elements of artificial intelligence and augmented reality ar being developed.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the expertise of PSNC teams in the field of photorealistic visualization, also the backend technologies were used in the construction of the VOXBOX platform. These technologies have been widely developed for many years at PSNC and successfully used in various projects – in particular IBIS service or QCG system, using the PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution, fully maintained on PSNC’s own resources.

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