“Street of Memories – Z 20”: Let’s rediscover the history of Zwierzyniecka 20

“Street of Memories – Z 20”: Let’s rediscover the history of Zwierzyniecka 20
PSNC together with the Posnania City Publishing House (Wydawnictwo Miejskie Posnania) invites you to participate in an unusual project. Nowadays, the “living” social innovation laboratories are located in the Art Nouveau tenement house at 20 Zwierzyniecka Street in Poznań. This place is called PSNC FutureLab. What was it like years ago? Social action is supposed to help uncover these secrets.

In September 2016, the renovated historic tenement house at 20 Zwierzyniecka Street in Poznań became an inspiring space for creating ICT innovations and exchanging ideas, where apart from a place for everyday work, we can find open people and interesting events. PSNC FutureLab has over 2 000 m² on six floors. It is a living lab, i.e. spaces equipped with the most modern ICT devices, where Poznan companies and organizations can test or demonstrate innovative solutions.

And what is its history? The tenement house was designed by the architect Oskar Hoffmann and then built by its owner – a wealthy merchant Oskar Bauhman. Over the years it has served various functions. Before the Second World War the German Consulate was located here.

Discovering the secrets of the building at Zwierzyniecka Street is supported by the project “Street of Memories – Z 20”. “We want to find, write down, scan and restore the shine of memories connected with the functioning of this building in urban space. The second goal is to integrate the inhabitants of Jeżyce district, and another is to connect the youth and seniors. – says Ph. D. Cezary Mazurek, PSNC Director.

The initiative, which will culminate during the “Picnic of memories” and a series of conferences for students of the schools in Jeżyce district. Next year a publication in form of an album will be prepared. All these activities are actively supported by volunteers from two high schools in Poznań – “Dwójka” and “Marcinek”.

If you would like to share your news about Zwierzyniecka 20, please contact us:

by phone: (61) 858-50-54
by e-mail: magdabar@man.poznan.pl.

More information about the action can be found HERE (in Polish).