Competitive call in Fed4FirePlus project

Competitive call in Fed4FirePlus project

On January 15, the second stage of Open Call in the Federation For Fire Plus project was launched. Only completed experiments from the Stage 1 are eligible to participate in this competition. Applications will be accepted until April 13, 2021.

Fed4FirePlus is a continuation and development of the Fed4FIRE project, and its main activities focus on maintaining the existing infrastructure and introducing improvements in new technologies. The project includes also: support for user-friendly tools, privacy and SLA management, or service orchestration and experiments.

One of the most important tasks is to organize open competitions (OpenCalls) for experiments, and one of such actions is currently underway in the project. In this aspect, PSNC is responsible for supporting the conducted experiments. The current call has no specific purpose or topic, but the organizers are calling for the submission of experiments that will take advantage of the specific features of Fed4FIRE + as a federation and its technologies, and more specifically, making this infrastructure available for innovative experiments to be conducted by experimenters within small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs ). The invitation is open only to entities who successfully complete the first stage experiment. Examples of such experiments may include but are not limited to testing of new protocols or algorithms, performance measurements or scalability testing. These Calls envisage experiments by which existing products or services are tested, implemented or optimized on the Fed4FIRE+ testbeds rather than proposing or developing new ideas from scratch.

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