Creating a modern online platform for young athletes

Creating a modern online platform for young athletes

“Development of e-services to improve physical fitness, health awareness and stress resistance among young people” is a project that will create a modern online platform dedicated to young athletes, facilitating access to training and promoting an active lifestyle. The project is coordinated by the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, while the partners include Koszykarski Klub Sportowy Basket Poznań and KKS Sporty Walki.

The initiative, which is a response to the growing need for digitalisation and personalisation of sports training, was announced by Marek Woźniak, Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region, and Dr Cezary Mazurek, Director of PSNC.

The creation of an interactive platform, initially focused on basketball and kickboxing, envisages extending the offer to other disciplines. The platform is intended to be a tool to support young athletes in independent training, with access to individual training programmes and video material such as recordings and training broadcasts.

The following e-services will be available within the platform:

  • collecting, sharing and making available individual and team sports activities, in the form of videos and multimedia materials,
  • interactive support for the planning of individual and team training of young athletes with the involvement of supervisors and coaches,
  • digital analysis of training performance (using artificial intelligence and image processing methods) on the basis of video recordings and their comparison with benchmark recordings developed by experts, and automatic evaluation of the degree of compliance with the benchmark,
  • monitoring the progress of individual development in sport,
  • multimedia communication to support regional activities for the dissemination of physical culture and sport among children and teenagers, including transmission of training sessions and games for parents and carers,
  • research on the attractiveness of activities and activity levels for children and teenagers.

The aim of the project is not only to support young talent, but also to promote a healthy lifestyle and health awareness among young people. The platform is also intended to enable coaches and physical education teachers to use the collected material in the education and training process.

The project will be implemented until June 2025, with a total cost of PLN 6.6 million, a significant part of which comes from the European Regional Development Fund (PLN 4,627,614.59).