EGI 2023: welcome to Poznan

EGI 2023: welcome to Poznan

For five days, from June 19th to 23rd 2023, the EGI Conference (Enabling Grids for E-Science) – an international meeting of scientists, IT experts as well as computing and service providers – will be held in Poznan, Poland. The aim of the event, co-organized by the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, will be to summarise the current activities within the EGI – Advanced Computing Services for Research.

Since the beginning, the EGI project has offered scientists and researchers access to distributed computing infrastructure across borders. The project’s task was to build a sustainable European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) by bringing together National Grid Initiatives (NGIs) and other organisations from across the European Union. More than 50 institutions were involved in this joint venture. The initial impulse for the project was the demand for computing power for users of large data sets.

The meeting in the capital of Wielkopolska, supported by, among others, the City of Poznań, will focus on several aspects:

  • meet the scientific communities that are at the forefront of innovation, learn about their success cases, new requirements and solutions for data discovery, access and processing, and start new collaborations,
  • help research communities and industry joining their efforts to find common solutions to data access and data spaces,
  • meet the largest community of research cloud providers in Europe and their IT strategies,
  • learn about state of the art in scientific computing in Europe and meet a large community of cloud, High-Throughput-Computing (HTC) and High Performance Computing (HPC) providers that provide core facilities to today’s European computing infrastructures.

The conference will also provide an opportunity to learn about the latest developments, relating to distributed computing, such as federated trust and identity, data spaces, artificial intelligence or digital twins. Participants will also learn about the current status of the EOSC computing platform and reflect together on its future.

PSNC – one of the partners of the event, in addition to organisational support, will also mark its presence in the speeches of panellists: Norbert Meyer, Ph.D. – Head of the Data Processing Technologies Division and Marcin Płóciennik – Head of the Internet of Things Technology Department at PSNC.

Detailed information, including the Conference agenda, can be found at