i3’2013: call for papers

i3’2013: call for papers
On 16-17 April 2013, the fourth edition of the Conference “i3 internet – infrastructure – innovations” will be held in Poznan. Proposals may be submitted up to 27 March.

“The ubiquitous Internet. 10 years of Polish Optical Internet” is the motto of this year’s Conference highlighting the importance of PIONIER Network in the tenth year of its existence, as a stimulator of innovative solutions for the digital society.

i3’2013 program is planned in three session paths: e-learning, e-education, digital libraries. The conference is addressed to both specialists in the area of information technology and communications dealing with the issues of Internet, advanced services, network architectures and systems, transmission technologies and socio-legal aspects of cyberspace, as well as to experts in the fields discussed during the sessions.

The main goal is not only to present solutions, both research and commercial, as well as best practices in the area of multi-sector integration of ICT, but also the dialogue on needs of the community of users and potential buyers of modern applications facing dynamically changing IT systems capabilities.

The final choice of the presentations will be made up to 27 March 2013. Highlights of selected presentations extended to the form of an article will be published in summary publications. All the conference lectures will be broadcasted live on the Internet; workshops that allow participants to interact with the speaker will be available only to the participants of the conference.

Conference proposal form (Call for Papers) and the proposed presentation topics are available here.

More information can be found at: i3’2013 Conference website.