Listen to the podcast “Poland’s first quantum computers at PSNC”

Listen to the podcast “Poland’s first quantum computers at PSNC”

Poland’s first quantum photonic computing systems were installed at the beginning of December 2023. Two machines from ORCA Computing, purchased as part of the EuroHPC-PL project, were delivered to the PSNC headquarters. We invite you to listen to Radio TOK FM’s interview with Piotr Rydlichowski – a specialist in quantum technologies from PSNC’s Network and Service Infrastructure Department – about how to exploit the potential of these systems.

The podcast “First quantum computers in Poland at the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre” is one of the episodes of the popular science series “Digital science, digital economy, social innovation”, in which experts from the PSNC explain technical complexities and explain how science and technology affect everyday life.

The first step of our implementation team is to present specific scenarios for the use of quantum computers; there are these three groups of challenges, such as optimisation, image classification and generating the models for machine learning, explains Piotr Rydlichowski in an interview with Jerzy Telesiński (TOK FM).

The podcast raises questions not only about the functionality and future of quantum technology, but also about the role of the PSNC, which has been a leader in ICT solutions and a provider of research infrastructure for the scientific community in Poland for 30 years.

Listen to the podcast (in Polish).