Nabór 2020: electronic recruitment to kindergartens in Poznań is in progress

Nabór 2020: electronic recruitment to kindergartens in Poznań is in progress

Recruitment to Poznań kindergartens in 2020 is in progress. As in previous years, electronic recruitment service to the institutions through the NABÓR system is prepared by PSNC.

This year, due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, additional precautions were introduced. The deadline for recruitment to kindergartens remains unchanged. However, parents are encouraged to send documents by e-mail or traditional mail. Originals will have to be delivered at a later date.

Information about the rules related to the collection of documents in a given institution can be obtained in the kindergartens. It is also worthwhile to inform first-choice institutions by e-mail about the fact of sending the application by post (e-mail addresses to institutions are available on the NABÓR website).

The Nabór System has been developed by the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center in close cooperation with the Department of Education of the City of Poznań, the Chief Education Officer of the Wielkopolska Region and the directors of schools in Poznań. It is the first system combining recruitment to all levels of educational institutions: kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools and high schools. Since 2005 the Nabór system has been divided into two modules: Recruitment and Current Work. The Recruitment module allows for conducting recruitment to particular types of institutions, while Current Work is used to store up-to-date information on the allocation of individual students at all levels, which in turn provides an opportunity:

  • to control one-year pre-school preparation,
  • to compulsory school attendance,
  • to control learning duty.

In Poznań, the recruitment to kindergartens will last until 24 March 2020.