New version of the online service of booking visits at the municipal office

New version of the online service of booking visits at the municipal office

After the long weekend in May, the second stage of lifting restrictions related to the coronavirus epidemic began in Poland. There is also an opportunity to handle matters personally at the Poznan City Hall. Therefore, the electronic system for booking visits has been restarted. PSNC prepared a new version of the service.

The online option of booking visits  at the Poznan City Hall has been suspended since mid-March this year. Most cases had to be handled remotely. Now, the City Hall gradually starts to extend the scope of personal visits.

The first step is to restore the possibility of booking a visit in the Office via the Internet and increase the number of customers served through the “window”. For the sake of security, a limit has been introduced regarding the number of people staying in the waiting rooms. These limits depend on the area of the rooms It was assumed that it will be 1 client per 15 m².

In this way it is possible to make a reservation in cases conducted by the Department of Civil Affairs and Communication Authorisation, the Registry Office, the Department of Economic Activity and Agriculture and the Finance Department.

When registering your visit via the internet, select the department, the appropriate case group and then mark the month, day and time of the planned visit. After filling in the required fields and selecting the “Arrange a visit” button, confirmation of the reservation will be displayed.

A new version of the booking service was prepared by the PSNC Future Internet Services Department. The system is integrated with a newly launched version of the internal official calendar system.

Let us remind that PSNC is the technological partner of the City of Poznań and for over 20 years has been co-creating the city’s online information and service platform