Poznań Has the First Quantum Center in Central and Eastern Europe

Poznań Has the First Quantum Center in Central and Eastern Europe

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) joins the IBM Quantum Network to collectively build the first quantum center in Central and Eastern Europe. As a part of the project, we are planning to collaborate with IBM and Polish scientists to develop innovative quantum computing technologies and work on their practical applications not only for science but also for everyday life. The projects will be carried out in collaboration with other centers of the global IBM Quantum Network ecosystem.

Poland is one of the countries that significantly contribute to the quantum technology development in the world, including quantum computing as well as our practical solutions, such as quantum communication systems and electronic subsystems used in industrial applications of quantum technologies.

Launching the IBM Quantum Innovation Center in Poland is a genuine milestone towards expanding our quantum ecosystem. Collaboration with IBM will allow PSNC to make new discoveries concerning the variety of fields in which quantum computing may be a comlete game changer. That, in turn, may ultimately help tackle challenges related to newly invented materials and drugs – says Marcin Gajdziński, Country General Manager for Poland and Baltics.

It is owing to our long-standing experience in conducting research and development works on quantum computing and quantum communication that PSNC has been entrusted with the mission to organize access to the quantum computer for Polish research teams.

The access will also be available for universities that plan to include quantum computing in their courses – remarks Prof. dr hab. inż. Roman Słowiński, Vice President of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The research results available to date confirm the enormous and still increasing quantum computer efficiency. Quantum algorithms combined with high performance computing are able to tackle complex mathematical and IT tasks incomparably faster than those used today.

Quantum computers will facilitate even most complicated, multivariate and multiparameter simulations in complex and dynamic processes in materials engineering and life sciences including chemistry and biomedicine as well as innovations in the pharmaceutical industry. In Poland they will be used in cybersecurity and AI, but also to support innovative solutions for the industry, space technologies, meteorology, and crisis modeling.

As the first Polish public institution to join the IBM Quantum Network we will have the opportunity to develop future-oriented competences in quantum computing as well as specialized software and new programming tools for end users. Consequently, it will be possible to effectively use the increasing potential of quantum computers in a variety of applications and combine it with the high performance computing already available in Poland – says dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Kurowski, Technical Director for PSNC.

The IBM Quantum Network Centers form a top-ranking, global community composed of companies listed in Fortune 500, start-ups, academic institutions, and research labs that work on quantum computing development and study their practical applications. Members of the network collaborate with IBM Quantum teams to examine and analyze how quantum computing may help change the face of modern IT in a number of fields and disciplines including finances, power industry, chemistry, materials science, optimization and machine learning.

MORE INFORMATION ARE AVAILABLE AT: https://ibm.quantum.psnc.pl