PRACE Steering Committee Meeting

PRACE Steering Committee Meeting

The meeting of the PRACE Steering Committee (7-8.06.2022) summarised the activities of the second phase of PRACE 2.0 completed with the process of sharing Tier-0 and Tier-1 resources. PRACE is an international consortium responsible for building HPC infrastructure in Europe and scientific collaboration with the use of advanced computing.

The topic of the discussion was the third phase of PRACE 3.0 activities in the area of cooperation with the EuroHPC JU (EuroHPC Joint Undertaking). The collaboration will be focused on the coordination of calls for computational grants on pre-exascale and petascale systems in the part concerning European resources. The evaluation process of grant applications in the scientific area has been successfully carried out in PRACE for many years on Tier-0 and Tier-1 systems.

PRACE 3.0 opens a new stage of work which will be led by the newly elected: Chair of the Board of the Council – Prof. Constantia Alexandrou (University of Cyprus), Vice Chair – Norbert Meyer (Head of PSNC Data Processing Technology Division) and PRACE AISBL Directors (Board of Directors).

PRACE is a scientific network of the largest HPC computing centres in Europe, represented by 25 European Union member states and associated countries:

– Austria: ACONET Association – Austrian National Research and Education Network
– Belgium: SPWEER – SPW Economie, Emploi, Recherche
– Bulgaria: Institute for Information and Communication Technologies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IICT-BAS)
– Cyprus: CaSToRC – Computation-based Scientific and Technical Research Centre, Cyprus Institute
– Czech Republic: IT4I, VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava
– Finland: CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.
– France: GENCI – Grand Equipement National de Calcul Intensif
– Germany: GCS – GAUSS Centre for Supercomputing e.V.
– Greece: GRNET – Greek Research and Technology Network S.A.
– Hungary: KIFÜ – Kormányzati Informatikai Fejlesztési Ügynökség
– Ireland: ICHEC – Irish Centre for Advanced Computing
– Israel: IUCC – Inter-University Computing Centre
– Italy: CINECA – Consorzio Interuniversitario
– Luxembourg: University of Luxembourg
– Netherlands: SURF
– Norway: SIGMA2 AS – Norwegian Agency for Shared Services in Education and Research (Sikt)
– Poland: PSNC – Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of PAS – Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
– Portugal: Universidade de Coimbra
– Slovakia: Computation Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
– Slovenia: ULFME – University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
– Spain: BSC – Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación
– Sweden: Vetenskapsrådet – Swedish Research Council
– Switzerland: CSCS, ETH – Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
– Turkey: UYBHM – Ulusal Yuksek Basarimli Hesaplama Merkezi, Istanbul Technical University – National Centre for High Performance Computing
– United Kingdom: EPCC, EPSRC – The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council