PSNC and PIONIER’s success at SC23

PSNC and PIONIER’s success at SC23
A lot of visitors, a lot of interesting conversations and discussions – this is what is going on at our booth in Denver. In addition to presentations of our ongoing projects (PRACE-LAB, PRACE-LAB2, TEXTAROSSA and HiDALGO2), we are also demonstrating a remote demo of the ORCA Computing PT-1 quantum photonic system.

We are the only representatives of the Polish scientific community at this year’s conference. Polish accents also appear on the prestigious TOP500 and IO500 lists.

Presentations of our projects and ORCA attracted many visitors from different parts of the world. Among them there were representatives of Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP) – Brazil’s National Research and Education Network.

Our virtual panoramic tours of PSNC headquarters have been very popular. Guests can take a look at the server room, the roof of our headquarters, or the network management center.

How many people were at our booth #1809 at SC23? You can check that yourself!