PSNC team on SC23

PSNC team on SC23

During the SC23 conference, our experts will be happy to tell you about the projects that we have been implementing for 30 years, both for research institutions, scientific communities and business.

Visit our booth number 1809 to learn more about our research and development center. Maybe this will be the first step to start cooperation with us? See, who you can meet and talk to during sc23.

Krzysztof Kurowski, Ph.D, Eng. is the Technical Director of Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center. He holds a PhD degree with a habilitation in Computer Science and graduated from Poznan University of Technology. He has been actively involved in many R&D projects related to Information and Communication technologies at the national, European and international levels. He was a research visitor at the University of Queensland, Argonne National Lab and the University of Southern California. His research activities have been focused on advanced parallel simulations of heterogeneous systems, scheduling and resource management in networked and distributed computing environments. The results of his research have been successfully published in highly ranked scientific and journal papers. He is also a member of many Editorial and Scientific Boards and participated in many international conferences. He has recently been active in the following research domains: multi-scale modelling and hybrid GPU/CPU/QPU HPC computing simulations, quantum computing, advanced visualization and virtualisation technologies. He was involved in many R&D projects engaging different scientific and grand challenge global research communities.

Wojtek Bohdanowicz

PSNC & PIONIER booth manager at Supercomputing 23 exhibition. Leader of the Events Section in the PSNC Cooperation with Social and Business Environment Department. Working at PSNC since 2009. On the daily baisis, conducting diverse tasks to support PR and marketing activities. Skilled in project management as well as event & conference organization and planning.

Wojciech Szeliga

His field of expertise is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applied for aerodynamics and heat transfer problems. Besides simulations themselves, Wojciech also develops simulation codes as well as python-based automatization toolkits and orchestrators for CFD simulations run on HPC systems. He is currently involved in projects as HIDALGO2 or TEXTAROSSA, where he works on tools for fine-grained multiscale weather forecasts for renewable energy sources.

Witold Taisner

He is an AI  researcher with a background in developing recommendation systems that enhance user experiences. He also spans computer vision algorithms, where he delve into innovative approaches for image and video analysis from UAVs.

Krzysztof Wadówka,

IT professional -high-performance data storage systems, focusing on solutions like Lustre and GPFS that are crucial for efficient data management. He has skills that include proficiency in Storage Area Networks (SAN) and InfiniBand technology. Which are essential for building reliable data storage infrastructures.