This year’s meeting in Denver is coming to an end. We have spent a fascinating week at the Colorado Convention Center – full of meetings, presentations and new friendships. Thank you for being with us at our booth, as well as following both our blog and social media. Remember – “I am HPC”!
A lot of visitors, a lot of interesting conversations and discussions – this is what is going on at our booth in Denver. In addition to presentations of our ongoing projects (PRACE-LAB, PRACE-LAB2, TEXTAROSSA and HiDALGO2), we are also demonstrating a remote demo of the ORCA Computing PT-1 quantum photonic system.
HIDALGO2 and TEXTAROSSA projects also enjoyed some popularity during SC23. Weather simulations and methods of acquiring and processing data connected with them, as well as tackling climate change issues were in the centre of attention of many guests.
HPC data storage system built and operated by PSNC has been ranked on the prestigious IO500 list (, that compares the fastest HPC data storage systems in the World. PSNC reached #10 within the IO500’s Production category and #161 on the Full list.

The current TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers has been announced at the Supercomputing conference. The PSNC supercomputing system Altair is at #221 (63,360 Cores, 3.53 Rmax (PFlop/s) position. Among the most powerful computers there are also three other Polish machines (all from ACK Cyfronet AGH): Athena (47,616 Cores, 5.05 Rmax [PFlop/s]) at #155th, Helios (75,264 Cores, 2.89 Rmax [PFlop/s]) at #291 and Ares (37,824 Cores, 2.34 Rmax [PFlop/s]) at #404.

We warmly welcome our first guests from the Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computer Modeling of the University of Warsaw. Just like ourselves, they are a part of the PIONIER Consortium.
At the beginning, there were boxes, cartons and crates galore. They all came with us from Poland, and so did some tools we have made a good use of! And there you are! Our stand is ready for the guest. So what are you waiting for? Please come and visit us – we are looking forward to seeing you soon!
British quantum computer developer ORCA Computing has been selected by the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) to provide two ORCA Computing PT-1 quantum photonics systems. Funded under the Polish program, the systems will be installed at the PSNC’s high-performance computing data center located in Poznań, Poland and will accelerate its work in quantum computing across a range of scientific and application areas including biology, chemistry and machine learning.

During sc23 you will be able to talk to us and learn more about the development of our infrastructure.

EuroQCS-Poland, based on trapped ions will be located at PSNC. It is a digital, gate-based quantum computer offering 20-plus physical qubits. The system will be integrated into the local high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure allowing for remote access via the co-located supercomputer connected to the PIONIER NREN.

We have a wide range of services and applications and our portfolio includes, among others, projects implemented in the field of digital science, industry and social innovation.

PRACE-LAB the primary goal of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the scientific community and the economy, with particular emphasis on SMEs, on international markets. Thanks to the implementation of development works, it is planned to improve the position of the Polish ICT sector by supporting and strengthening the development of innovative solutions.

During the SC23 conference, our experts will be happy to tell you about the projects that we have been implementing for 30 years, both for research institutions, scientific communities and business.

Visit our booth number 1809 to learn more about our research and development center. Maybe this will be the first step to start cooperation with us? See, who you can meet and talk to during sc23.

PIONIER Consortium

PIONIER Consortium was established in 2003 and includes the PIONIER fiber optic network, which is one of the most modern in the world. It is a key component of the IT infrastructure of science in Poland and is part of the European Research Area.

IT infrastructure, including access to high-power computing, is a condition of development for many fields of science. Since the beginning of its existence, PIONIER is an active partner of scientific teams from many fields of activity.

PIONIER network is evolving towards terabit bandwidths, offering services to support digital innovation.

Members of PIONIER Consortium:

Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences is an internationally known node of the European Research Area in the field of IT infrastructure of science and an important R&D center in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT).

As a development centre of e-Infrastructure, PSNC designed and built the Metropolitan Network POZMAN, High Performance Computing Center and the national broadband network PIONIER, maintained and still developed by PSNC.

PSNC Panoramas

See up close, the place where was located the first quantum computer in Poland. We invite you for a virtual and panoramic tour of our headquarters, during which we will take a look at the server room, the roof and the network operating center. Watch >>>

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Wojtek Bohdanowicz
gsm: +48 517 266 553
booth: #1809
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