TNC23: Digital Generations

TNC23: Digital Generations

“Digital Generations” is the theme of this year’s TNC Conference, hosted in the Albanian capital – Tirana on June, 5-9. The event is hosted by RASH, the Academic Network of ALBANIA and NREN. PSNC acts as the main technology partner of this event for the eighth time in its history.

The Networking Conference – TNC is the largest and most prestigious scientific and academic networking conference in Europe. Each edition brings together nearly half a thousand participants, specialists and managers of major networks in Europe, as well as research organisations, universities and industry representatives. Through lectures by eminent specialists, discussions and sessions, TNC participants review the latest developments in the area of research networks, both in the technical field and in the application and management of the network. The conference is a chance to meet all those who collaborate during the year on joint research projects. It is also a time of plans and summaries, confrontation of results and presentation of achievements within the scientific national networks.

During the exhibition accompanying the Conference, the latest achievements of the research projects conducted by PSNC and the PIONIER Consortium, such as MOSAIC, NEBI, Dariah.lab, NLPQT, PIONIER-Q, PIONIER- LAB, PL-5G, PRACE-LAB, EuroHPC PL and KMD will be presented. Visitors of the exhibition booths will also have the opportunity to learn more about the initiatives brought out by PSNC Future Labs and Aero Space Labs.

The booth is also hosting demonstrations specially prepared for the occasion. The first one is a demonstration of equipment for complex analysis, generation and simulation of network traffic at 800 Gb/s. The Spirent TestCenter B2 has four interfaces, capable of operating in 1x800GE, 2x400GE or 8x100GE modes. In addition, the system allows for diagnostics as well as modelling and emulation of network protocols used in data centres or operator networks. This enables comprehensive and complex performance measurements of the most modern network devices. The second presentation is focused on the NLPQT project – National System for Generation and Distribution of Reference Optical Carrier. The aim of the presentation is to transmit an ultra-stable laser through optical fiber links. Among other things, this signal can be used to compare optical clocks. The system is the next step in the transmission and distribution of precise frequency signals over a fiber optic network.

For the eighth time, PSNC is the main technological partner of the conference, providing: multimedia setting of plenary sessions, support for web systems, including the preparation of the conference website, full registration with conference payments and preparation of badges for the participants.

Representatives of the Poznan Center will also take part in sessions, presenting projects and services implemented at PSNC. Maciej Brzeźniak and Mikołaj Dobski will take part in the panel “All Data Big & Small”, presenting the results of the KMD (National Data Warehouse) project coordinated by PSNC. In the session entitled “The doctor will see you now”, a presentation on active and healthy ageing using the Safe-home service will be given by Michał Kosiedowski, while Mikołaj Dobski will take part in a demonstration session, presenting an automated malware analysis tool designed for CSIRT/CERT teams. During the plenary session, on quantum technology, Piotr Rydlichowski will give a presentation on “Quantum Internet Activities in European NRENs”.