Welcome to Neighbourhood Inspirations 2022

Welcome to Neighbourhood Inspirations 2022

This coming Saturday, June 11, we would like to invite you to the Old Zoo in Poznan for the second edition of Neighbourhood Inspirations. This year’s topics will focus on health and ecology. We invite everyone who implements any interesting project locally and wants to develop valuable initiatives.

“Healthy and climate-friendly Jeżyce” is the slogan for the upcoming Neighbourhood Inspirations. We invite everyone who does something interesting and wants to share it with others. We will discuss topics important to us all: zero waste, renewable energy, sustainable development and health.

Unique local companies and organisations will present their acheivements at the booths. On the square next to the Wolf, on a small stage, just like in Hyde Park, everyone will be able to talk for 10 minutes about their projects and possibilties for future cooperation. Among the participants registered so far, there are ordinary neighbours, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, councillors, students and lovers of Poznań and its surroundings.

Experimental devices, social, educational and health applications will be presented together with the Partners of the event. There will be robots walking along the alleys and visitors will be able to see the world in VR glasses from the animal’s perspective.

For more information, visit the PSNC Future Labs website.