Welcome to VISIONAIR Open Forum!

Welcome to VISIONAIR Open Forum!

On 5th and 6th February 2014 VISIONAIR Open Forum 2014 conference will be hosted in Poznan, Poland. The event will focus on integration of services and construction of high-quality visualization platform of the VISIONAIR project, which has been available free of charge to scientists and researchers from European countries for three years already.

The VISIONAIR project brings together 25 partners from 12 countries who offer nearly 30 specialized visualization infrastructures divided thematically into four areas: Visualization for the needs of science, Virtual reality, Ultra High Definition systems (UHD) and Remote collaboration platforms.

An important task carried out within the project is the free of charge sharing of the research and visualization infrastructure for individual researchers and other projects, based on short grants(+ /- 15 days) distributed on a competitive basis. Within the VISIONAIR project, open competitions are held (open calls) for researchers interested in using research infrastructure of partners associated in
a consortium (i.e. visualization laboratories, 3D design laboratories, Cave systems, etc.). Approximately 90 such visits have been organized and refinanced up to date.

During the Open Forum, participants will have an opportunity to get basic information about the VISIONAIR project, conducted research work and activities, as well as to get a closer look at many examples of visualization infrastructure. Several demonstrations will be featured, including: remote lecture in the UHD quality, remote collaboration in the design of 3D models , virtual distributed museum, support of remote sports training in 3D and many more.

The meeting will be held in Poznan, Poland in the assembly hall of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of Polish Academy of Sciences, 17/19 Wieniawskiego St. Lectures and presentations during the conference will be conducted in English.The cost of participation, depending on the selected session : 20-90 EUR.

Website of the project: http://www.infra-visionair.eu/