13th Brain Awareness Week broadcast by PSNC

13th Brain Awareness Week broadcast by PSNC

We cordially invite you to the meetings organized within the 13th edition of the Brain Awareness Week, which will be held on March 14-18, 2022 in the Działynski Palace at the Old Market Square in Poznan, Poland. The event is co-organized by the Poznan Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS and the Institute of Human Genetics PAS. As every year, direct broadcast of this event is provided by PSNC television team.

The Brain Awareness Week is a worldwide celebration of science on the borderline of biology, medicine, biophysics, psychology and computer science, also organized in Poland since 1998. The human brain is nature’s most complex element. Getting to know how our brain functions is the greatest challenge of modern science and that is why intensive research is being conducted all over the world.

This time, during 15 lectures, we will learn how to find out how the human brain changes, what parental stress is and where it comes from, why we do not notice depression in children, what is the therapeutic effect of lithium, why it is so easy to fall into addiction networks and whether dogs are smell detectors?

The event will be held on 14-18 March 2022, from 17 to 19 p.m., in the Turquoise Hall of the Działynski Palace, at the headquarters of the Poznan Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences, at Stary Rynek 78/79 (2nd floor). The entrance is free of charge.

A broadcast of each lecture will be available on the website poznan.pan.pl and on YouTube channel of the Poznan Branch.
The programme of the event
Invitation to the 13th Brain Awareness Week