PSNC Seminar: Giorgio Castellan, dr Anne Claire Mireille Fouilloux, dr Elisa Trasatti – “Earth Science – Sea Monitoring and Atmospheric scientific communities – RELIANCE”

PSNC Seminar: Giorgio Castellan, dr Anne Claire Mireille Fouilloux, dr Elisa Trasatti – “Earth Science – Sea Monitoring and Atmospheric scientific communities – RELIANCE”

The next PSNC Seminar (8th edition) entitled: “Earth Science – Sea Monitoring and Atmospheric scientific communities – RELIANCE” will be held on March 7, 2022, as usually at 2:30 p.m. The lecture will be given by three speakers: Giorgio Castellan, dr Anne Claire Mireille Fouilloux and dr Elisa Trasatti. The moderator of the meeting, organized as part of the series of PSNC open seminars “Challenges for the IT infrastructure of science in the era of digital transformation”, will be dr Raul Palma de Leon, Manager of Data Analytics and Semantics Department at PSNC.

The meeting will be organized on the Webex platform on March 7, 2022 at 2:30 PM.

Seminar topic

After a brief introduction on the Geohazard community and its main contribution to Disaster Risk Management, the content of the seminar is on:

  • main requirements of the Geohazard community in terms of computational and storage infrastructure;
  • e-Infrastructure challenges for transition to Open Science and FAIRness;
  • how the Reliance services support the needs of the Geohazard community and its transition.

Short biographies of the speakers

Giorgio Castellan studies the biodiversity, ecology and the functioning of mesophotic and deep ecosystems, with particular attention to the Mediterranean Sea. His activities encompass the analysis of environmental variables that influence the distribution and the composition of benthic communities, also focusing to global climate change and the future conditions of the oceans. His studies include the application of different habitat mapping techniques and the development of statistical models to predict the distribution of megabenthic communities, providing information to support management plans and conservation actions.

dr Anne Claire Mireille Fouilloux is a Research Software Engineer working for the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). Her current activities are focused on:
– CodeRefinery project: it aims at promoting Best Software Practices.
– NICEST2 project: I am the project leader of the second phase of the Nordic Collaboration on e-Infrastructures for Earth System Modeling. This project focuses on strengthening the Nordic position within climate modeling by leveraging, reinforcing and complementing ongoing initiatives.
– EOSC-Nordic project: it aims to facilitate the coordination of EOSC relevant initiatives within the Nordic and Baltic countries. I am involved in the WP5 on the climate Science demonstrator.
– Research Lifecycle Management technologies for Earth Science Communities and Copernicus users in EOSC (RELIANCE) INFRAEOSC-07-2020 Research and Innovation action – Grant number 101017501. 2 years project starting from January 2021.
– Machine learning, Surface mass balance of glaciers, Snow cover, In-situ data, Volume change, Earth observation (MASSIVE) project. Funded by the Norwegian Research Council. 4 years project starting 1st September 2021 until 31 August 2025.

Elisa Trasatti (Ph.D.) is a Senior Researcher at the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia – INGV, Rome (Italy). Her main interests are in the fields of physics of volcanism and physics of earthquakes, focusing on ground deformations related to these phenomena. She is an expert of analytical and numerical modeling to simulate surface deformations detected by remote sensing techniques such as Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR). Interested in Open Science, she participates in several National, European (EVER-EST 2015-2018, Reliance 2021-2022) and international (Geohazard Superste and National Laboratories) projects and initiatives.