DIH4AI: consortium within the AIM2ASSIST project

DIH4AI: consortium within the AIM2ASSIST project

MASTA, MCH and PSNC join forces in a mini consortium to develop solutions that will expand the DIH4AI catalog of available AI components and tools.

The DIH4AI network supports research and industry sectors working together to deliver the highest quality AI solutions available in Europe. DIH4AI supports the collaborative development and delivery of ecosystem, business, technology and transformation services to SMEs and public entities.

In the course of the project called AIM2ASSIST, a solution will be developed that uses AI (artificial intelligence) technologies to predict production-related operations (production tasks) and/or the demand for necessary resources.

MASTA, acting as the project leader, will be responsible for the development and integration of the tool with their MeMOM system.

MCH Polska will take care of the implementation, testing and validation of the solution in a production environment.

PSNC, which acts as DIH, will provide the necessary computing infrastructure and will also act as a consultant during the development of the tool.

The project is financed on an FSTP basis by the DIH4AI project under the European research and innovation program Horizon 2020 – Grant No. 101017057.