Dr Krzysztof Kurowski will be a guest of “Robotics Cafe”

Dr Krzysztof Kurowski will be a guest of “Robotics Cafe”

Tomorrow, on March 4 at 20.00, we invite you to the virtual “Robotics Cafe”. One of the guests at this meeting will be Krzysztof Kurowski, Ph.D. – Technical Director of PSNC. The subject of the event will be focused around the issues related to data processing.

Which type of data processing to use – cloud computing or local? Maybe the best solution will be a combination of both methods and the use of edge computing? These and other questions will be answered by the guests: Mikołaj Leszczuk, Ph.D., professor of AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and Krzysztof Kurowski, Ph.D. invited by the president Sławomir Kosieliński.

“Cafe” is organized by the “Mikromakro Institute” Foundation , co-organizer of Droniada – an international competition for academic teams and a training ground for unmanned systems. The main goal of the event is to stimulate the development of technological and management competences, both by representatives of the academic world, as well as business and the public sector.

This year’s edition of the competition will take place at the turn of June and July at the airport in Kakolewo near Grodzisk Wielkopolski. PSNC will organize this event
together with the Poznan University of Technology and the Poznan Aeroclub.

The meeting of the “Robotics Cafe” will start at 20.00 will be available on Facebook website of the Foundation of the “Mikromakro Institute” Foundation.