EUHubs4Data and DIGITAL SME workshops

EUHubs4Data and DIGITAL SME workshops
DIGITAL SME together with EUHubs4Data will organize a workshop aimed at SMEs. The event, which will be held online on 17 November 2021, will present opportunities to access and benefit from the experience of the European Digital Innovation Centers (DIHs) in order to develep own services of the participants.

EUHubs4Data creates a European federation of innovative big data centers (DIHs), which is a reference instrument for cross-border data-driven experimentation and innovation and supports the development of European SMEs and start-ups in the global data economy. Based on the concept of “European catalogue, local offer”, EUHubs4Data establishes a pan-European, sustainable ecosystem, drawing on local expertise and achievements of European initiatives and national/regional big data DIHs, with a triple aim:

1. creation of a European catalogue of data sources and connected data-driven services and solutions;
2. make this offer regionally accessible so that European SMEs, start-ups and online entrepreneurs have access to the most valuable assets and expertise on the continent;
3. support cross-border and cross-sectoral data-driven experimentation, facilitated by data sharing and interoperability of data and services.

Full details and the event agenda can be found at:

Improving SMEs’ data services through federated Digital Innovation Hubs