Explore the Digital Libraries Federation (FBC) collection

The Digital Libraries Federation (FBC) collects and makes available descriptions of digital objects created by distributed digital libraries, archives, museums. Digital objects are a digitised representation of books, magazines, articles, or even sculptures and paintings. The FBC has more than 6 million such objects, more than 5 million published as open access objects and more than 3 million published in the Public Domain.

Why is it worth using the resources of the Digital Libraries Federation as opposed to ordinary web browsers? The Federation’s task is to enable users to search only selected data sources, more precisely than general search engines allow. The basis of the FBC is a database of objects made available online by Polish institutions of science and culture, updated every night. Users searching through this database receive links to objects located in the digital libraries cooperating with the FBC. In addition, the FBC passes on the collected data to other websites, such as the EUROPEANA – European Digital Library, thus contributing to the wide promotion of Polish cultural heritage worldwide.

If you would like to get any additional information or establish cooperation with the FBC please contact us by e-mail: fbc@man.poznan.pl

Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center is the operator of the Digital Libraries Federation and the PSNC Digital Libraries Team is responsible for the development and functioning of the FBC.