PSNC activity during the coronavirus pandemic and associated mass quarantine

PSNC activity during the coronavirus pandemic and associated mass quarantine

Dear Sirs and Madams,
Recent weeks have brought us a significant change in the face of the world we have known so far; no one expected that many aspects of our daily lives will have to be moved to the virtual domain so quickly.

The new challenges we have faced in these difficult times are part of our mission to research and develop technology and applications for digital science, industry and society. A recognizable sign of PSNC is that many of our work results are implemented in the form of services and products available as part of our network and computing infrastructure. For years, we have been trying to increase the potential of digital applications and their availability for science, education, industry and society.

Polish IT infrastructure for advanced scientific research is ready to serve new social challenges. During global quarantine we can enable contact, provide tools for remote, joint and secure work, provide the widest possible possibilities to ensure the continuity of research, education, administration or business operations, and finally to support access for cultural or even spiritual needs.

Today, when almost all PSNC employees work remotely, the best solutions that have so far served us to cooperate in research projects are adapted for large-scale use by university, school or office employees. We have already started the first training in form of webinars on how to use the PIONIER Research Classroom services in remotely supporting school principals, teachers and students. Our NABÓR system allows you to conduct fully electronic recruitment to kindergartens. Digital libraries based on the dLibra system and digital museums operating in the dMuseion system continuously make their resources available for research, implementation of educational scenarios or development of their own activities focused on local history. FutureLabs (living laboratoies) and the Coworking Space are moving into a social virtual space of volunteer involvement to cooperate in taking on new technological challenges.

We want to share our experience and remain focused on our mission of creating helpful and effective applications of modern technologies. We will dynamically inform about all our activities through our information channels.

We are convinced that it is important to expand the community around PSNC and thus increase the effectiveness of activities in virtual space.