“Green” Researchers’ Night 2022

“Green” Researchers’ Night 2022

The 16th edition of one of the most popular events promoting science is just around the corner – Noc Naukowców 2022 (Researchers’ Night 2022). Together with eight institutions from Poznan, we invite all science and knowledge lovers to have fun together. This year’s event will feature lectures, workshops and demonstrations, all of which can be followed live in a special TV studio.

Traditionally, we invite you to a unique event on the last Friday of September. We will accompany scientists in their daily work; we will take a peek into laboratories and observe many fascinating experiments. In the spaces of PSNC Future Labs at 20 Zwierzyniecka Street in Poznan, together with the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, our scientists will present a real scientific innovation space. Attractions will include: an audiovisual installation, an opportunity to take part in a sound walk or an ambisonic radio play, a presentation of a face motion capture system with simultaneous overlaying of avatars or a small panoramic projection. There will also be an opportunity to produce black and white photos from an analogue camera, as well as to control robots and drones or even run on a unique anti-gravity treadmill. In addition, you will be able to visit the server room remotely, learn about quantum technologies and 3D printing, as well as to enjoy a virtual jet flight.

The scientists from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences prepared: the workshop “The world is always open to a scientist” – an insight into the specifics of a scientist’s work along with culinary and biochemical surprises, “Ice Micro World” which is a workshop about the relationship between glaciers and the bacteria that live there or “Kitchen Laboratory” – where you will be able to isolate DNA from fruit and vegetables. The last event of IBCH PAS is “Elegant Nematodes”, which are small 1mm worms which will be observed under the microscope.

The events will be accompanied by a 5-hour TV studio, broadcasted live from the PSNC headquarters, where many interesting guests have been invited. In turn, reporters with cameras will visit the most interesting places to show up close what is happening during the project partners’ events.

We invite you to watch the broadcast on the Researchers’ Night 2022 website.