Positive evaluations of PSNC projects in the competition 4/4.2/2020

Positive evaluations of PSNC projects in the competition 4/4.2/2020

Verification and evaluation of project applications submitted under the Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020 Action 4.2 4/4.2/2020 has been completed. Out of 8 applications selected for funding, three projects will be co-implemented by PSNC.

The aim of Measure 4.2 is to support selected national or international projects focused on large, strategic research infrastructure, included in the Polish Map of Research Infrastructure. Its goal is also to ensure effective access to this infrastructure for entrepreneurs and other interested entities. The total amount of co-financing for the above-mentioned projects is 619,037,683.15 PLN.

PSNC is associated with the three finally selected applications; one project is co-implemented, two are coordinated by PSNC. These projects are:

DARIAH-PL project – the main goal is to create a national intelligent digital research infrastructure (advanced platform) for the humanities and arts. A distinctive element of the platform will be modern tools for multi-context visualization of the results of various analysis and interpretation of many data categories (e.g. biographical, chronology, geoinformation, archaeological documentation, bibliographic, lexical sources, etc.) using Linked Data mechanisms and machine learning, taking into account the uncertainty element. In the economic dimension, the infrastructure will support the development of various branches of creative industries, regional tourism, visualisations in the field of education, as well as advanced management of multimedia digital resources. The project consortium consists of 16 institutions.

“National Data Warehouse – Universal infrastructure for data storage and sharing as well as efficient processing of large data volumes in HPC, BigData and Artificial Intelligence models” will be coordinated by PSNC within the PSNC Data Processing Technology Division. NDW project aims to develop, build and offer services of an open, modular, extensible, decentralized and scalable data warehouse, equipped with a number of access interfaces and integrated services and applications, including mechanisms supporting effective storage and access to data, long-term data management as well as exploration, analysis and efficient processing. The project is an extension of the concept developed as part of two research and development projects: KMD (NDW) and KMD2 (NDW2) implemented in 2007-2009 and 2010-2012 by PSNC, together with Partners at HPC and MAN centers, implemented as the Universal Archiving Service in the PIONIER network environment.

“National research laboratory of 5G networks and services together with the environment” project aims to build a national research infrastructure for conducting practical research on 5G networks and services. The project leader is the Warsaw University of Technology.

The list of applications selected for co-financing is available HERE.