PSNC as a technology partner of the Poznan Civic Budget 2021

PSNC as a technology partner of the Poznan Civic Budget 2021

Every year, the citizens of the capital of Wielkopolska Region vote for the projects of their choice under the Poznan Civic Budget. During this year’s edition, thanks to the support of the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, it was possible to detect invalid votes and efficiently conduct the verification stage.

21 million zl (PLN) – such an amount was to be allocated within the framework of the Poznan Civic Budget for 2021: 15 million PLN for district projects and 6 million PLN for city projects. Poznan residents could choose among 175 ideas – 34 city-wide, 12 projects within the Green Budget and 129 regional ones. Each citizen could cast a maximum of 4 votes.

It was possible to vote using the electronic system from October 23rd to November 20th. What is interesting, 87 575 valid votes were cast in the current edition of the Budget. The result is better than last year, when less than 69 thousand residents voted.

For several years, PSNC has been supporting the voting in the field of IT services. During this year’s edition, additional mechanisms were introduced to detect suspicious votes using the collected data.

The list of the winning projects, together with the number of votes obtained, is available on the Poznan Civic Budget 2021 website.