PSNC at the “Energy – Now and Tomorrow” Symposium

PSNC at the “Energy – Now and Tomorrow” Symposium

​On the 5th and 6th of January, a two-day symposium entitled “Energy – now and tomorrow” was held in the historic palace and park complex in Gułtowy. The event was attended by representatives of scientific and research institutions and local government units from the Wielkopolska region, together with Dr Krzysztof Kurowski – Technical Director of PSNC. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the future of energy.

The symposium, organised by Professor Michał Banaszak, Vice-Rector of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan for Digitalisation and Cooperation with Business, was also attended by Professor Teofil Jesionowski, Rector of the Poznan University of Technology, who, together with Dr Łukasz Kalupa, Chancellor of the University of Technology, gave a presentation on energy opportunities and challenges.

Other topics discussed included: hydrogen valleys, the role of lithium-ion batteries in energy transformation, a discussion on the atom in the Wielkopolska region, and challenges for the Polish electricity industry resulting from ownership and market changes.

From PSNC’s point of view, the symposium was a good opportunity to present the development strategy in the field of energy-efficient computer systems and the expansion of its own renewable energy sources (already exceeding 1.1 MW in total) at the Poznan Scientific and Economic Forum. Dr Krzysztof Kurowski, presented a paper entitled “Supercomputers for energy and energy for supercomputers” in which he highlighted the role of R&D projects carried out at the Poznan center since its establishment in the areas of high-performance computing systems and effective management of server heat in the CBPIO’s main building.

It is worth noting that external entities, including the Poznań University of Technology and Veolia, are interested in the source of waste heat from servers at PSNC. Together with these institutions, within the framework of the European project RENergetic, new models are being developed for integrating CBPIO into the city and campus heating network. The symposium was also an opportunity to exchange experience with GK Enea S.A., for which PSNC is carrying out orders to develop IT systems to support optimization of investment allocation and risk analysis of power infrastructure failures.