PSNC Future Labs: visit the PRE-FONIUM exhibition

PSNC Future Labs: visit the PRE-FONIUM exhibition

On Friday, February 3, 2023, at 6 pm, we invite you to the opening of the PRE-FONIUM exhibition, hosted at the PSNC Future Labs, at 20 Zwierzyniecka Street in Poznań. The event will mark the beginning of the mind-peace 2 series: PRE-FONIUM, which will run until February 10.

The PRE-FONIUM exhibition is the first of three planned mind-peace 2 events; it will be followed by the opening of OCD and Evacuation. Pre-fonium is made up of artists: Mikolaj Dziurzynski and Olga Kucel, and the exhibition is curated by Maria Barańczyk. Support is provided by Art&Science team from PSNC Future Labs.

The organizers announce the event as follows: When silence surrounds us, we may feel not so much calm as anxious, falling into a state of anticipation before the storm. Why is it so quiet? Why did the radio stopped playing and the neighbor’s dog suddenly stopped barking? Did something happen?

The lack of sound to which we are accustomed, whether it’s the constant bustle of the street, the noises of nature, conversations from behind the wall, or the rumble of music from a distant concert, can cause a sudden anxious state of increased concentration, attention, anxious surprise, a sense of unpredictability.

It’s the sounds – the familiar ones, though sometimes figuratively unrecognizable – that cause relief. The sounds may seem dangerous but present, determining here and now, reasserting the present, to build a sense of security. Words, even unfamiliar but sounding words, emphasize the meaningful connections between sound and voice, help to find reassurance….

Pre-fonium is a new symbiosis referring to audible and physical sounds, being part of ourselves as listeners and creators. We are the sound, we are its direct unity. Fonia – a certain complex totality of sound signals, passes into an antecedent in Latin pre, taking us back a bit into the zone of the beyond and supersonic, onomatopoeic, imaginary, unreadable. The recording of sounds can represent the limit of calmness.

Details about the exhibition are available on the event’s Facebook profile.