PSNC participation in the Ars Electronica Festival 2020

PSNC participation in the Ars Electronica Festival 2020

The Ars Electronica 2020 festival will take place on September 9-13, 2020. PSNC will present the show “The Meeting Point” as part of the Immersify project, which will be broadcast live from Poznan on Thursday, September 9 at. 10:00.

Ars Electronica is an annual digital art and technology held in Linz, Austria. The organizers of this event award Prix Ars Electronica in several categories, including computer animation, digital communities, interactive art and electronic music.

This year, the event is organized online, linking the Kepler’s Gardens located in Linz to nearly 120 locations worldwide. The involved entities (including museums, galleries, research institutes) will present their shows, workshops, and exhibitions through 4 online channels: Ars Electronica Selection, Ars Electronica New World, Ars Electronica Gardens, and Ars Electronica Voyages.

The demo of the Immersify project entitled “The Meeting Point” will be held on Thursday, September 10 at. 10:00. We cordially invite you to take part in this unique show, which you can follow on the Ars Electronica Voyages channel and on the YouTube channel.

PSNC is also involved in the presentation of “Lost in Resolution”, where in addition to the technological show, the participants will have a look at the material from the Krambabula band recording in 360 technology with ambisonic sound.