PSNC supports the Auditory Festival

PSNC supports the Auditory Festival

This weekend, on November 8 and 9, 2020, the first edition of this year’s Auditory Festival will take place, which is part of the “Listening Horizon” program of the Biennale Mediations Polska. Thanks to the cooperation with the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, the event will be held entirely online.

As the organizers of the “Auditory Festival” argue, it shows the multiformity of sound expression and offers the audience various forms of contact with radio dramas. In its four-year history, it has presented phenomena from the borderline of site specific, sound art and theater and performance areas. This year, due to the prevailing epidemic, the festival activities has been transferred entirely online, thus freeing itself from specific spaces and geographical borders. Thanks to the cooperation of witers, sound engineers, composers, directors and actors, a series of projects is created to connect the tradition of radio dramas, broadening the ways of its reception and using contemporary themes and problems. The work on each radio play takes place on three levels: drama, sound and music, and space.

The festival is primarily focused on the presentation of premiere productions involving representatives of Poznan creative circles – drama writers, composers, directors, sound producers and actors. The proposed project is a continuation of activities started a few years ago. During the implementation of four editions, the integration of the aforementioned creative circles has increased. The production of each premiere covers several levels of artistic activity: writing a drama/script, composing music and audiosphere, directing the entire project and cooperation with actors. The productions will be enriched with stage design elements, thus including the level of artistic expression in the entire project.

This year’s fifth edition will feature 6 re-premieres and 3 completely new radio dramas – 2 for children and 1 for adults, which will be accompanied by live meetings with authors and creators.

PSNC is involved in the implementation of an online studio and in the preparation of visualizations illustrating the radio plays.

The festival will tak place during three weekends:

  • November 6-8,
  • November 20-22,
  • December 4-6.

The radio dramas will be available on the PSNC YouTube channel.