Inauguration of the “Concert Machine” project

Inauguration of the “Concert Machine” project

On November 4, 2020, at 7.00 p.m., the inaugural concert will be held as part of the “Concert Machine” project. The project was created thanks to the cooperation of the Telematics Workshop of the Academy of Music in Poznan and the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, with the organizational participation of an_ARCHE NewMusicFoundation.

As the initiators of the project argue, “Concert Machine” is an open network instrument that is created to inspire both composers and listeners, generating a specific telematic experience of audience participation similar to those of performers’ actions. As part of the project, the website was created (which enables (re)transmission of concerts) the key element of which is the interactivity of the players and listeners.

The idea of ​​the Concert Machine was born in the community of composers, but it can be successfully used to create networking events related to literature, theater, performances, video projects, and others. The project combines the functions of:

  • popularization (broadcasts from concerts, improvisation, and rehearsals),
  • artistic (composer’s orders),
  • research (making music live in many places simultaneously, interactive participation of the audience).

The project was among 1,200 beneficiaries for on-line cultural activities as part of the “Culture on the Web” program organized by the National Center for Culture.