Recruitment to nurseries and kindergartens easier thanks to innovative solutions

Recruitment to nurseries and kindergartens easier thanks to innovative solutions
PSNC has been developing the Nabor system, an online recruitment platform for educational institutions, since 2003. A new module called Nabor-Attendance was added to the system, which has already an established position on the market throughout the country. The first kindergartens have been using it since spring 2020.

If an institution i not already using the Nabor system, it can only purchase the Nabor-Attendance application, which allows you to control the attendance of the pupils.

How it’s working? Using their smartphones, parents can mark the presence of a child in an educational institution or inform teachers about absences. This is an innovative, convenient and much cheaper solution than installing special monitors in kindergartens and nurseries, which allow you to mark the child’s entrance to the facility. What’s more, the cost of maintenance only applies to the operation of the system, so there is no need to invest in additional equipment.

Similar systems are used in many cities and kindergartens, but are based on special equipment installed in the buildings. Unfortunately, this solution is very expensive, both in terms of the purchase price, but also in terms of installation and maintenance. Our solution does not require any investments. We use mobile devices and their capabilities – says Andrzej Gogulski, co-creator of the application at PSNC.

The system is easy to use – employees of kindergartens and nurseries can select a specific year and pupils’ group they want to check, directly in the application. They can also prepare reports with attendance data. The system is also an excellent source of data for the management of an institution, allowing them to adapt their educational offer to current needs.

Parents, in turn, have access to other information such as: the proposed menu of meals on a given day, data on attendance, fees or messages from the caretakers. They also have full control over the indicated hours of stay or counted meals.

The Recruitment-Attendance system has been designed to be implemented in many different regions, making it easy to adapt to local regulations and recruitment practices. Currently, it is actively used by kindergartens in Nowy Tomysl, Lubon, Pobiedziska, Slupca and Mlawa.

Thanks to the use of the most modern techniques of software development, the application is reliable and any defects are quickly repaired.

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