Researchers’ Night 2021: “SOS for Earth”

Researchers’ Night 2021: “SOS for Earth”

Researchers’ Night is one of the most important events promoting science among children, adolescents, and adults. Even the pandemic did not prevent the organization of last year’s edition of the Poznan event. It will be the same this year. We invite everyone to a virtual meeting with science, scheduled for 24 September 2021.

PSNC has been participating in the organization of the Researchers’ Night continuously since 2007. First, we met at the Science Centre of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, then in the spaces of PSNC Future Labs, and last year, in spite of the prevailing epidemic of coronavirus, the event was organized fully on-line. A “live” TV studio with lots of scientific attractions was prepared especially for this occasion. There were competitions, interviews, experiments, and virtual tours of laboratories. All this was available on eight YouTube channels.

This year, after the success of the virtual edition of the Researchers’ Night, the organizers are already planning the next one, in a similar form. What can we expect? In 2021 we will focus on our planet – Earth. The main motto of the event will be “In science there is hope” and the researchers will show how science and scientists can save our planet. During the event, we will see how each field of science (technology, humanities, life sciences, health sciences) can be a source of hope for saving the planet.

The program of the event will be based on the experience of last year. In addition to the stationary events, the program will include online events, which were very popular in 2020.

See you on Friday, September 24!