V4 Conference on European Research Infrastructures

V4 Conference on European Research Infrastructures

On 18 April 2024, a conference entirely devoted to European Research Infrastructures available and used in V4 countries was held in Brussels. The event was co-organised by the Brussels liaison offices: CZELO (Czech Republic), SLORD (Slovakia), NRDIO (Hungary) and the PolSCA Polish Science Contact Agency of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In the part of the conference dedicated to research infrastructures, a presentation was given by Tomasz Parkoła, Head of the PSNC Digital Libraries and Knowledge Platforms Department.

A number of European Research Infrastructures (RIs), both established and emerging, are functioning well in the four Visegrad countries. The aim of the event and the accompanying deliberations was to look at existing examples and provide a platform for discussions led by speakers, coming from different countries and involved in RIs in different ways.

The event was divided into three main sessions. The first speaker was the President of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), José Luis Martínez.

The representative of the Polish Academy of Sciences in this part of the conference was Tomasz Parkoła from the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, who manages the research and development teams responsible for digital humanities infrastructure (eHUM), products and services for digital libraries and cultural heritage (DINGO), and the metadata aggregator of the Polish Digital Libraries Federation accredited by the Europeana Foundation.

The second and third sessions were panel discussions. The first concerned the activities of European RIs within the V4 countries and links to the European Cloud for Open Science, the second the changing role of the V4 countries in RIs, developments since the adoption of the Council Conclusions, and research on technological infrastructures.