Welcome to Droniada 2021

Welcome to Droniada 2021

Today, at the airport in Kąkolewo, Droniada 2021 – a unique event co-organized by PSNC will start. This is already the 8th edition of this event, the central element of which is a technology competition with a prize pool of PLN 50,000, wich will be attended by 10 academic teams from Poland. However, the impact of this event is much broader. The organizers of Droniada emphasize that drones have become part of Industry 4.0. Their strength lies in the combination of air mobility with new information and communication technologies, cloud computing and the use of artificial intelligence for data analysis.

This year’s edition of Droniada will take place from June 28 to July 2, 2021, during which a series of competitions and thematic workshops is organized. The final of the event is the Drone Pilots Championship. From 10.00 to 13.00 the following competitions will be held: sky paintball (shooting paintball balls from drones to the target), labyrinth (how to go through the labyrinth in drone goggles, having only the image displayed from above- competition for all comers) and finally the drone race on the iconic distance of ¼ mile (402.4 m). At 1 p.m. the winners of Droniada 2021 will be announced.


• System demo – online (prologue, 23 June)
• Competition start – Monday, June 28th
• Official Training – Tuesday, June 29
• Three Colors Competition – Wednesday, June 30th
• Tree of Life competition – Thursday, July 1
• Drone Pilots Championship and results announcement – Saturday, July 3


See the detailed program of Droniada

We also invite you to visit our new website Aerosphere Laboratory Airport of Things: https://aerospacelab.psnc.pl/