Conference4me in 2023

Conference4me in 2023
For the Conference4me team, 2024 will be already the 13th year of intense activity in the conference segment of the mobile event application market. Worldwide, in 67 countries, the app has been installed by more than 250,000 users on Android and iOS platforms, during 757 conferences and 447 exhibitions.

The plan was made possible thanks to the work of the teams of the PSNC teams and the collaboration with external companies offering conference management systems. These companies often do not invest in their own mobile solutions, but need them to make their offering more attractive. Over the years, such agreements have been established with Conftool, EDAS, Softconf, epapers and others, who use the software interface to collect the conference data needed to create a mobile version of the agenda. In this way, the conference organiser does not have to do double work and can concentrate on completing additional hotel or sponsorship information.

Last year was a successful one for conference participants and organisers. The absence of travel restrictions and the recovery of markets after the epidemic slowdown led to increased interest in the Conference4me system among event organisers and attendees. A total of 81 conferences, of which 26 events had a dedicated application tailored to their needs, enabled a total of 27,155 new users in 2023.

The largest conferences were the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2023) and the 14th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC’23), where more than 1,200 users downloaded our application.

The Conference4me team focused on refining the details of the web application for the conference organisers. We are currently working on the migration to containerisation and the launch of the system in our PaaS. The organiser portal has also received a facelift in the form of an update of the Vaadin user interface framework to version 24.

Conference4me is a system implemented and developed by PSNC specialists since 2011 and used as a mobile assistant for participants at international events. It provides access to the constantly updated conference agenda and other information materials, and allows you to plan your attendance at individual sessions and follow sessions in progress. The assistant will remind you of upcoming sessions, act as a guide to show you the way to the right rooms, or help you navigate around the city – the conference host (key locations can be marked, such as hotels, the gala dinner, the conference venue, etc.). This application is available for mobile devices using Android and iOS platforms, as well as a light version for web browser clients.